Author: Doreen Bolton

Publisher: Unlisted Publisher

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The place – south of Sydney

The time – 1937-1954

The people – A zany combination of old and young, the best and the worst, including brother Norm who stows chewing gum behind the ear and Alf the self-appointed grinder of bones at the Woronora Crematorium.

Everyone knows of the bush track from Sutherland – that required neck-to-knee synchronisation – in order to reach Prince Edward Park and the pristine Woronora River. One chap found the ambience of the track so inviting he hung around for days – by a rope around his neck.

Would you go prawning in the dark because Woronora is supposed to mean river-of-no-sharks? And can you blame Vince for going berserk with the bread knife or Bill Bogart running down the Crescent in the nuddy?

Woronora should provide you with a chuckle or a lump in the throat in every scene.

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