Understanding the Divine Gut


Author: Scott Mathias

Publisher:Self Published

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Understanding The Divine Gut – How to Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health exposes the truth about the increases in gut related diseases bought about by poor nutrition as a result of corporate greed and misleading marketing and advertising.

It also exposes the role of ‘big business’ in the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry and the way in which people have allowed themselves to become victims of their corrupt practices. The Divine Gut provides some practical solutions for moving toward a more plant based diet and taking personal control over day to day nutritional choices.

The book also reveals the author’s own fight with chronic digestive disorders and how he resolved these without the ‘interference’ of the medical industry. This is frank and open expose on the current control of the nutritional and health dollar along with some ‘eye-opening’ solutions which could be the savoir of humanity.

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