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Transported: A Pioneer’s Story

Step back in time to the early 1800s and the story of a real life convict, George Smith, found guilty of stealing a watch in London. Rich in day-to-day detail, a mixture of fact and fiction, Transported tells of this death sentence, pardon and his years as the first white man to survive in the unexplored New South Wales countryside.

Sent to a burgeoning colony on the other side of the world, this remarkable man raised himself from poverty to become one of the wealthiest men in Dubbo, where a street is named after him. Enter a world where Sydney Cove is expanding and the territory is beginning to open up.


A great read, Terry does a great job of portraying the life of George (Dusty Bob) Smith, an Englishman transported to the colony of Australia in the 1800′s as a convict for the horrendous crime of steeling a watch. George’s dour countenance, his will to survive and his relationship with an aboriginal woman who bears him five children, are all well depicted.

This book answered a few questions about my Australian heritage. I had wondered about the relationships between the aboriginal people and the convicts and how that sat in with the social scale in a new country. I wondered how the aboriginal people felt when the aboriginal policy by a white man’s government was basically genocide. I thought there had to be a few decent blokes out there on the aboriginal side and it seems that George was one. It answered questions that I had in relation to what drove members of the convict population to be bushrangers. There were lots of new learnings about my Australian heritage, I really enjoyed this.

The book is obviously very well researched and based on events of the time. It starts with a depiction of life as it was in England, the conditions that drove George to the stealing of the watch, his sentencing to death and subsequent pardon and sentencing to convict life in Australia, the journey and then his life in Australia – post transportation.

Very well written- a strong point of the book was in the characterization of George. He comes across as a down to earth guy of a rather dour countenance who just wants to survive in the new world. George works his way through his life until he owns a good portion of the country town of Dubbo. The novel ends with a depiction of his untimely death being thrown from a buggy and goes on to tell you a little bit about what happens to his family from there.

I really did enjoy it. It was a pleasure to read, a historical novel of an excellent quality.

Thank you Terry for sending your novel through for me to review. It was a distinct pleasure.

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