The Tan People – a journey into truth


Author: Barbara Hartman King

Publisher: Bookpal

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This is the third book of the Coloured Sands Trilogy.

The characters from the first two novels, Coloured Sands and Valley of the Eagle are joined in this novel with dramatic impact.

1973: Phillip Parry, son and heir of the great Jooloonga station uses his Cessna like a car. The coming of the secret family creates a furore that will test them all. This is the story of Susannah Ruth aged 18, her siblings and beautiful mother Colleen, who are thrust into the limelight of wealth and recognition after twenty years in hiding.

Suddenly, the vivacious Susannah is in love with Douglas Clarke of the neighboring Wandara Station. Phillip Parry is furious. He cannot forget the past rumours of the once notorious Clarke family. His mind centres on cattle duffing, illegitimate children and other sinister musings that will not fade.

The English neighbors are now wealthy and somewhat respectable but Phillip will not give in. He is aware that Douglas, son of the Aboriginal servant Josie by Benjamin Clarke’s immoral father, is a famous football hero, loved and renowned by the nation; but he is not impressed. His daughter is hopelessly in love with the handsome, charismatic man twice her age and there is little he can do about it.

Old journals and diaries connect the families with a fanfare of stunning revelations that blaze a quicksilver trail through all their lives.

The 1974 floods decimate inland Queensland. Phillip and Colleen’s twin daughters are saved from drowning by the stalwart Martin, the eldest son who bears an uncanny resemblance to Matriarch Emily’s first love. Douglas is missing. Divers are called to search the mystical, bottomless lake. Susannah Ruth is pregnant. She disappears into the skies aboard the Boeing 747.

A shocking journey into truth changes lives while the magic of the Dreaming controls the heartbeat of an Ancient Land where sandstone walls reach for the sky and bottle trees mark the plains – a sacred timeless place of ancient folklore where the tribes one gathered – a stunning story of amazing love and tormented souls, spanning two continents.

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