The Pram Diet


Author: Rebecca Mugridge

Publisher: Random House

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Overweight and miserable after the birth of your baby? THE PRAM DIET offers inspiration, hope and realistic, practical tips from a mum who turned her life around with one simple thing: her baby’s pram.Many mothers with new babies find it hard to lose weight after their child is born. Sometimes it’s because they lack the time to prepare nourishing food for themselves or to exercise. Sometimes it’s because they’re suffering from postnatal depression. Rebecca Mugridge understands – following the birth of her first child she was overweight and unhappy, and at a loss to do anything about it. Then one day she put her baby in the pram and went for a walk. Several months and a lot of pram-walking later, she had lost 30 kgs and found a new lease of life,as well as a passion to help other mums.

Review by Kelly McLean

This is another non-fiction book that had me at Hello! Rebecca’s dedication of her book to her daughter Lily is just beautiful. The Pram Diet does contain a diet and lots of wonderful non-rocket science tips for living a healthy, pro-active, satisfying life.

However, it’s Rebecca’s own story that pulls you in. Starting from a typical Australian girl growing up in a culture where self-image is everything to being rescued from damaging self-image problems as a young mum, how – A walk with her baby in a pram and love for her baby and love from her fiance.

The overwhelming message in the book is one all women should adhere to. Look after yourself! A lot of new mum’s get caught in the trap of putting everything before themselves, I did 22 years ago and guess what – I still do now with only my youngest at home and he is 15. That’s changing now though. I don’t have a pram to push anymore so I have substituted my dog Cougar.

The other day on the “Oprah in Australia” series, an Aussie Man said “Americans live to work, Australians work to live!”

Rebecca’s book is a great depiction of this Aussie ethic. I don’t think The Pram Diet is relative to only new Mum’s, it’s relative to anyone that wants to live a healthy, pro-active, satisfying life and doesn’t want to go through rocket science to achieve it.

As per all diet’s though, if you are under doctors or dieticians advice to do something different to Rebecca’s suggestions, they are the doctor’s, follow their advice. Rebecca, I loved this, I like your honesty and the simplicity of the book.

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