The Legend of Terragorn


Author: Wendy Mackenzie

Publisher: Self Published

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Like the relentless waves that pound her shore line, the new religion is eroding away the ancient beliefs from the mystical land known as The Great Isle.

The Isle watches silently as the people who inhabit her land fight over religion and possessions.

When Prince Willelm is ordered by his father to kill the woman he loves he must decide between duty and justic. Unless he can find a way to save the Kingdom of Terragorn and the Gifted One who has claimed his heart, Magick will disappear from the Isle forever. Will the burden be too great for him to bear or will he overcome the forces that threaten to rip apart his land and his heart?

And still the Isle watches silently,as their wars spill the blood that seeps deep into her being.

The suspense filled ending will leave you gasping!

Here lies The Legend of Terragorn.

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