The Heartbreak Option


Author: Lori D Cartagena

Publisher: Unlisted Publisher

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The Heartbreak Option – An Inspiring True Story

This is an amazing True story of a young Australian Entertainer who finds herself in the U.S. broke, alone and pregnant in 1970 after spending fourteen months entertaining American and Australian troops in Vietnam during the war.

She makes the heartbreaking decision to give up her baby but refused to give up the idea of ever finding him again. Her life’s journey takes her through many International adventures and eventually back to her home town with her new husband and baby son.

For years Lori tried searching for her first born but to no avail. However,in 2005, after a ten year search throughout North America he found her -in Australia. A few weeks later Stephen, Lori’s long lost son flew out from California to meet his Birth Mum for the very first time.

The reunion was even more joyful than either of them could ever have imagined over the previous 34 years. All the wondering and hoping from the past was put behind them and their newfound relationship became part of the future for both mother and son.

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