The Fethafoot Chronicles


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Always wanted to know more about Aboriginal Australia? Now for the first time in our histories you can explore our vibrant stories. Come on a journey through time across 50,000 years, with warriors of the enigmatic Fethafoot.

In my homeland – that brown land ‘down-under’ – my Clan and its mysteries have been kept out of common knowledge and history. This is the Clan’s way. To succeed in their duties, secrecy is a prerequisite to safeguard mission and warrior.

If you were born in Australia, you may have heard such stories told around campfires about the Australian Aboriginal magic man or Kadaicha: the terrifying soft-footed clever-man. Across 50,000 years of reinforced superstition fear and awe, the Clan became known as The Fethafoot: half-human, half-spirit beings that come and go at will, leaving no trace. Kadaicha spirit-warriors. Shape-shifting spies that transform as required into Judge Jury and Executioner. This pithy glimpse gives some idea of the enigmatic Clan.

It is a journey that will take you into the mostly unknown, moral, ethical and often humorous heart of my people from Dreamtime to today.

There are 10 books in the series.

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1: Nyarla and The Circle of Stones

2: Guluya and the Lake Mungo mystery

3: The Contest

4: Ancient omen: the arrival

5: The vanishing: The Rainbow Serpent’s dance:

6: The Bunya-nut Games: Booburrgan Ngmmunge

7: To save a King

8: Galku’s Revenge

9: Pallida mors nigrum linea: Pale death black line

10: The 7th Veil

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