The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples!


Author: Chantelle Austin

Publisher: Self Published

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This is the definitive ‘how to’ and ‘must have’ handbook if you are considering taking your relationship down the path of ‘sharing’ or ‘swinging,’ or you are just curious about the lifestyle.

It will save you heartache, time, money and get you into the ‘fun’ well prepared, quicker and easier than ever before! Written by Chantelle Austin, who is a professional relationship coach and who has successfully walked down this path herself, she wants others to be able to wander into this new territory fully aware and armed with knowledge.

The benefits of exploring this new adventure together with your partner can revitalise your relationship, supercharge your sex life and bond a couple together like never before.

This book contains personal experiences, specific and unique relationship information with valuable guidance and discussion along with all the ‘how to’s’, and the ‘what if’s’. All your burning questions will be answered. It’s easy to read, comprehensive and could very well be a relationship saver.

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