Rage – A Sharpies Journal


Author: Julie Mac

Publisher: Self Published

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A raw and real life story of Sharp as you’ve never read before. Follow Julie Mac and the Sharpies as they fight, punch and kick their way through their turbulent teenage years on the unsuspecting streets of Melbourne. It was a time when running from the cops, avoiding the ticket inspectors, drinking, spewing and rooting were all in a nights work, looking Sharp!


Rage – A Sharpies Journal – Melbourne 1974 to 1980.

Julie Mac has shown me a completely different side to Melbourne’s culture in the 70′s with her book Rage. The book maps Julie’s journey from an 11 year old making her first entry into her diary and commenting on a couple of cool Sharpie boys to being part of more than one Sharpie gang herself.

You watch Julie grow up to be an integral part of several gangs of the Melbourne Sharp culture. Man, how much would I have loved to do some of the things she did. Going to see live bands every week including Rose Tattoo, ACDC and Skyhooks for starters. Hanging out at bowling alleys, football matches and ice skating rink. I had no idea what a Connie was until I found out it was a jumper specific to the Melbourne Sharps movement.

Julie Mac, you were just a little naughty at times (I was going to say you were a little shit – but I thought I shouldn’t here) when you were young and I guess we all are at some stage, but what is really good about this book is that I can see clearly that you were devoted to the movement Melbourne Sharps, to your friends to the point that you knew just about all of them and even became the bridge between gangs at some stage. It’s a novel about mateship and what life is like as an integral member of a gang.

Rage shows a completely different side to Melbourne culture and I had to reread Peter Haywood’s Catch a Falling Star which is set in the 70′s and 80′s in Melbourne to make sure I did have the right place!

It’s a great novel to read for anybody who is curious to know what it feels like to grow up as part of a gang. I know I was intrigued to find out how Julie got away with it. Julie Mac has the Melbourne Sharp movement tattooed in her soul and it shows throughout the book.

Love the book, congrats Julie Mac!

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