Nowhere Else


Author: Fiona McCallum

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What secret is the Australian outback town of Nowhere Else hiding?
Television current affairs reporter Nicola Harvey is also hiding something. She is wealthy, has a handsome fiancé and a beautiful home in Adelaide. But her life is not as perfect as it seems, so when her boss asks her to go on an extended research trip to investigate the effects of the drought, she is keen to visit the outback. But the town of Nowhere Else is not what she expected. In fact the town and its locals may unlock the mystery of her past … and hold the key to her future happiness.
Fiona McCallum is the bestselling Australian author of Paycheque, which was also set in a small country town. This is her second book.[hr]


Nicola Harvey has everything. She has just won the prestigous Walkley Award for Australia’s top journalists, she has a wealthy, succesful boyfriend, a beautiful warehouse conversion in Adelaide and a great group of supportive friends. What more could she want?

Nicola has a secret, the parents that died in the plane crash were her adoptive parents and she is on the search for her real parents. She needs a break from her relationship, which is becoming very ordinary. So when her boss sends her on a mission to a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, by the name of Nowhere Else, with the ambition of having her come back with a story on the effects of the drought, Nicola is in.

The deeper she digs, the more intriguing the story gets. Maybe Nicola will even finds the secrets to her past. Add in a totally hunky country man, a little dalliance against all odds, her ex-lover who just happens to own the local newspaper and is married with kids, two crankey old brothers, an ex-wife, an illicit affair and a town full of secrets and I could not put it down. Just when everything is perfect and Nicola is on top of the world her life is turned upside down. It’s a story about love, loss, jumping outside of the comfort zone and pursuing your dreams. It’s a story about not giving up and finding new horizons.

A truly great read, I loved it from beginning to end. Full of the flavours of the Australian outback and the contrast of the modern Australian city of Adelaide, Nowhere Else is full of unique Australian characters and flavours. A truly great contemporary Australian story I would recommend to all readers of Australian Literature.

Thank you to my beautiful daughter Terrianne for buying this for me for christmas. She knows just how much I love comtemporary Australian stories!!!

Cheers Kel 🙂

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