Not A Man (The Shuki Series) Book 1


Author: M A McRae

Publisher: Samray Books

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From boy of the slums to Oxford Graduate, this is the story of Shuki Bokiah – modern day eunuch.

‘Not a Man’ is set in an unnamed country of Arabia. Shuki is aged ten, and a ‘bed-boy.’ His master wants his beautiful boy to stay beautiful, so arranges for him to have ‘a small operation.’ This traumatic event changes forever the life of a clever, determined boy.

Shuki learns to manipulate his master. He learns to read and write, he gets his master into the habit of giving him large sums of money, and he makes friends with the master’s sons.

Shuki becomes more beautiful with every passing year. His master becomes more possessive, more jealous, and Shuki is guarded. When his master takes him to England, he escapes and starts a new life with the money he’s saved. He is fifteen.

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