Author: Judy Nunn

Publisher: Random House

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Kalgoorlie. They called it Kal.

It grew out of the red dust of the desert over the world’s richest vein of gold. And like the gold it guarded, Kalgoorlie was a magnet to anyone with a sense of adventure, anyone who could dream.

In a story as breathtaking and as sweeping as the land itself, bestselling author Judy Nunn brings Kal magically to life through the lives of two families, one Australian and one Italian.

The Australian family are the Brearleys: Maudie, who runs the miners’ pub, her husband ‘Flash Harry’, and his young son, Jack. The Italian family are the Giannis, railway workers from a small village in the Italian Alps, who dream of making a better life for themselves ‘at the bottom of the world’.

From the heady, early days of the gold rush to the horrors of the First World War in Gallipoli and France, to the shame and confrontation of the post-war riots, KAL is a moving love story and a page-turning action adventure novel.

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