In Your Element


Author: Linn Wiggins, Michael White

Publisher: Self Published

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Authors Linn Wiggins and Michael White combine personality typing, learning styles, relationship advice and story medicine to help readers understand themselves and others better.

“In Your Element” offers readers a roadmap to learning about themselves and their personal approaches to life, education, career choices, relationships and health. Michael and Linn also include easy-to-follow recommendations about food as medicine, natural remedies and lifestyle changes. Readers will find out how to recognize where they are most “in their element” and therefore are most likely to enjoy life, feel fulfilled and experience success without sacrificing their health or wellbeing.

Michael and Linn hope that “In Your Element” allows people to get to know their innate strengths so they can become more excited to work with their gifts and talents, and go on to embrace happier, healthier lives. “Trying to be something you are not or being forced to go against your inherent nature is the cause of a lot of personal unhappiness, learning problems, relationship tension, ill health and global unrest,” Michael explains.

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