How to Run Singles House Parties for Fun and Profit


Author: David Newton

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House parties maybe one of the most profitable types of events you can ever hold. Using your own residence or a friend’s place to hold a party can be easy to manage and give you a high upside of profits after costs are deducted. What’s more, some people feel good about attending a dinner party held at private home vs that of a restaurant.

Here is a view of the topics in this practical book:

  • How to set up your first house party event
  • How to make your event financially successful
  • How to create a party your customers will love
  • Easy to use event checklists
  • How to structure your marketing
  • How to prepare in the weeks leading up to your first event
  • Pricing and profitability examples to follow
  • How to organize food and music on the night

Once you get into organizing and holding your first event you will discover it good fun to hold more events and keep your group coming back.

This book is distilled from over 2 decades of “at the coal face” experience I’ve had with creating, managing, marketing and holding many house parties in 3 capital cities in Australia, – plus – teaching others around the world how to do just the same.

With the right tips and tools, you could be able to hold your own house parties very soon and be well on your way to making a very good income from them.

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