Happily Ever After


Author: Benison O’Reilly

Publisher: Jane Curry Publishing

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Eleanor Cooper is a smart, attractive blonde with a successful career in marketing. Ellie has a finely tuned eye for human weakness and a steady supply of one liners, but that doesn’t stop her from falling for the ultimate romantic cliché—a fairytale wedding to her very own Prince Charming.

When ‘golden boy’ Tony enters her life he appears straight out of central casting. ‘He didn’t quite arrive on a prancing white steed but a Boeing 737 is not a bad substitute.’

Unfortunately those old fairytales provide no instruction for married life and Ellie’s marriage—and new husband—prove a lot more complicated than she bargained for. When the couple suffers a devastating loss a distance opens up between the two that has little to do with Tony’s job as a long haul pilot.

Can Ellie and Tony survive their troubles? Can she forgive if not forget? Or should Ellie leave her prince for the love that is waiting for her? That’s a choice only our heroine can make. And when she makes that choice can she be sure it’s the right one?

In turns funny, sad, moving and sexy, Happily Ever After? is a novel for women who know the most interesting times of our lives usually happen after the wedding.

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