Going Organic


Author: Kris Abbey

Publisher: Unlisted Publisher

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Want to read a book by an Australian Author that will make you really think about what you eat and put in your shopping trolley? Read this! It really appealed to my “Save the World”Aquarian personality. Any author who has eneough guts to start a book with and I quote Chapter One – Why Organics? What’s this all about?”

I remember hearing someone say that if God was our landlord, we wouldn’t be getting our bond back! My first reaction was to laugh, until I stopped to think how true it was. We have created a huge hole in the ozone layer and killed off thousands of wildlife species, we lose about 75 billion tonnes of soil per year and we heavily pollute our waterways. In other words, as tenants, we have broken the windows, stolen the furniture, ruined the carpet and destroyed the plumbing! ”Wow! All I can say is “Go Girl!”

Kris then goes on to explain organic food and where the cost ffective, non-organic supermarket solutions come from and by page 20 I was thinking that if buying one packet of organic apples a week would help support the organic food growing industry in Australia, I am in!

It’s all done in a conversational, non-technical mode which challenges you to THINK about where everyday items come from!

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