From Paupers to iPads


Author: Tony Berry

Publisher: Unlisted Publisher

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When Tony Berry received an email from a hitherto unheard-of cousin researching her family history it set him off on an unexpected journey from his home in Australia to the valleys of Wales, the mill towns of Yorkshire and the Sussex coast.

Along the way – and hand in hand with his cousin now his partner – he discovered unknown relatives in New Zealand, Norway and the USA.

Stories were uncovered of abject poverty, sudden workplace deaths, hardship and perseverance.

Instead of the hoped-for landed gentry and honoured dignitaries they found a family tree of labourers, tidewaiters, shipwrights, preachers, weavers, cotton pickers, maids, servants and paupers.

This is their story … written from the author’s new home on the other side of the world.

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