Finding Time


Author: Mark McConville

Publisher: Unlisted Publisher

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Finding Time – there is nothing funny about being a comedian.

A thinly veiled biography of Mark’s life and the work that goes into becoming a comedian. I have seen Mark in action at one of Brisbane’s premier Comedy Clubs and he is one funny man!

I had no idea that so much work goes into putting on a show and no idea about the apprenticeship that has to be served and what goes on behind the lines in the industry.

Mark is your Aussie ‘blokes bloke’ and this voice is very much apparent in the book. I did have an initial hiccup reading it when I thought he had an imaginary friend at the beginning – only to find out that this friend was a packet of cigarettes! Once past this, his honest, blokey style of writing had me gripped.

I didn’t think a funny man was supposed to make you cry, but I sobbed reading about his fathers decline with cancer and his dedication and love in looking after that man. I was at the funeral and I witnessed the eulogy…..

He is honest about his struggle with his father’s death and circumstances following it. The novel ends on a high though, that’s all I will say.

An intriguing and interesting novel focusing on the journey of a young man with the ambition of succeeding in the entertainment industry in Australia.

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