Coming Out On Top


Author: Stuart Fish

Publisher: Self Published, SJF Publishing

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Coming Out On Top – Book One – My Personal Journey

What does a straight man who is happily married with three daughters do, when he realises that he is at a cross road? That where he is in his life at that point, is not where he wants to be – going forward? This was the question that faced me when I decided to take stock of my life one night, sitting in my living room. I was 49 years old, the CEO of a large company in New Zealand and considered around town as a committed and loyal family man.

Was I simply going through a mid-life crisis, I wondered? Or was this maybe an unfulfilled fantasy that I needed to act out – to get these urges out of my system? Or was this in fact the real me finally ready to break loose?

This is my personal journey, told through a number of short stories – stories that span the years leading up to that life-changing decision and the early years that followed. These stories are not told in chronological order, but rather they jump about as if I was telling you a different story over a number of nights, in front of a log fire, with a wine glass in hand, a glass filled with a rich, ruby red Pinot Noir that New Zealand wineries produce so well.

The book contains tales about how I found my feet in the new world I entered that day. About the struggles I had with the ‘double life’ I had led, my doubts and confusion. About the euphoria I felt when I realised who the real me finally was and what it meant to me as a person, a husband and a father. As a gay dad, I was still the same person, wasn’t I?

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