Blonde Roots


Author: Narelle Warcon

Publisher: Self Published

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Blonde Roots

One Woman’s Triumph Over Five Lifetimes Of Pain

Shocking and raw, Blonde Roots is an eye-opener as to what can really go on behind closed doors … and what happens when secrets are kept inside for so long. This is the emotional, inspiring and often painful story of Narelle Warcon’s life. Get ready for a gut-wrenching read as this woman triumphs through what feels like five lifetimes of pain!

Imagine finding out you were violated as a child almost fifty years ago. Suddenly, all the subsequent violations, abuse and risky behaviours made sense. How could one suppressed memory cause so much damage? With such a discovery came grief—a flood of salty, bitter tears that saw Narelle sobbing for days on end.

This is about one woman’s ability to find the inner strength to take control of her life and her healing journey. Not one to be beaten, Narelle rose above her many challenges, one step at a time.

She prays that you too can do the same.

Follow Narelle as she takes you on a real and raw rollercoaster journey of emotions – pain, grief, suffering, joy, excitement and even some happiness, all told in Narelle’s down-to-earth Aussie manner.

Celebrate with Narelle as she triumphs over a cycle of abuse, her many adversities and her strongest critic—herself.

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