Beyond the Baby Blues


Author: Benison O'Reilly, Catherine Knox, Seana Smith

Publisher: Exisle Publishing

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Beyond the Baby Blues: The complete perinatal anxiety and depression handbook

Anxiety and depression around childbirth is one of the most common yet least discussed medical conditions in Australia. ‘Beyond the Baby Blues’ is the first comprehensive resource guide in this area, providing all the information you need to know about perinatal anxiety and depression and your journey back to health.

In ‘Beyond the Baby Blues’ you will hear the voices of mothers and fathers speaking honestly of the reality of parenting babies and children while dealing with anxiety and depression. You will also find expert advice from health professionals who are leaders in the field of perinatal anxiety and depression. Contents include:

• a clear explanation of exactly what perinatal anxiety and depression is, and what it is not

• advice on the best therapies available

• using medication as part of your therapy

• where to start looking for help

• many stories of recovery to support and inspire you

• ideas on self-care and why it is so important

• all the resources and references you need, including financial support as you heal.

‘Beyond the Baby Blues’ is the essential handbook for parents, doctors, nurses and midwives.

Catherine Knox is CEO of the Gidget Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote awareness of perinatal anxiety and depression. A mother of five, Catherine experienced severe anxiety and depression before and after the birth of her second child. Catherine has a background in marketing and adult education, and a Masters in Gender and Cultural Studies.

Benison O’Reilly is a pharmacist, medical writer, co-author of ‘The Australian Autism Handbook’ and a mother of three. She is also the author of the novel ‘Happily Ever After?’

Seana Smith is the author of ‘Sydney For Under Fives’, co-author of ‘The Australian Autism Handbook’. She has four children and was treated for postnatal depression after the birth of her second child. Seana has a degree from Oxford University and has worked as a TV producer and journalist.

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