Australian Autism Handbook


Author: Benison O’Reilly, Seana Smith

Publisher: Jane Curry Publishing

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Australian Autism Handbook: The essential resource guide for autism spectrum disorder.

The only complete guide to every aspect of raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Australia. The AUSTRALIAN AUTISM HANDBOOK offers guidance, expert advice and above all support to parents and health professionals from the early signs and symptoms of ASD through diagnosis, the intervention programs, medical theories and schooling. It also contains the most comprehensive state-by-state guide to the resources available for ASD families in Australia. The authors Benison O’Reilly and Seana Smith are professional writers and both have children with autism. They know from first-hand experience the essential information parents need to know to raise your ASD child.

Benison O’Reilly is a pharmacist married to a GP and a mother of three. She was clinical pharmacist at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital for several years working with the late Dr Victor Chang.

Seana Smith was born in Edinburgh, studied Latin and Greek at Oxford University, is the author of ‘Sydney for Under Fives’ and also a mother of four.

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