African Sky


Author: Tony Park

Publisher: Pan Australia

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In African Sky, Tony Park takes us back to a World War II flight training operation in Rhodesia, where a flawed base commander is caught up in a murder investigation while the base is threatened by a covert enemy operation. It’s a fun read through and through.

Park is a great story teller, and in African Sky, as in his other books, he takes the reader into the luscious world of Africa for adventure, treachery, love and suspense, and, where local culture, foreign interests, animal poachers, researchers, international terrorists, game hunters, safari’s and wild life collide. In each of his 5 books (another on the way in 2009), the plots are anchored by a cool flawed guy hero and a intelligent resourceful adventurous woman and are set in the textured cultural, rugged milieu of Africa. His other books, Safari, Far Horizon Zambezi and Silent Predator take place in modern time, and are equally good reading.

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