I Am A Candle by Philip Bradbury


I Am A Candle

Some see the injustice in this world,
And are driven to stamp it out.
Our politicians, our missionaries and our radicals,
See only one perfection – their own.
They take the world, its people, like a potter,
And force a shape of their own ideal,
Never once asking the clay,
If it liked being the way it was.

Some see the injustice in this world,
And knowing it is not for them,
Our hermits, our loners and our apathetic,
Seek out a sanctuary, a haven apart.
They don’t interfere, just leaving well alone,
In their sanctuary of the hills and nature,
Or a haven in the mind – space tripping and dreaming.
“Leave me alone, and I’ll return when you’re better.”

Some see the injustice in this world,
And want to express it with beauty.
Our artists, our writers and our musicians,
Giving grace to ugliness and change.
They put forth their view as an image,
Of sorrow and joy, of dreams and hopes.
Their inspiration may become ours, if we choose.
They bare their soul, but not their fangs.

I see the world as it is and love it.
I see the world as I would like it, and love it more.
I stand tall and straight, true to myself.
My flame, my vision, for me – not for setting others alight.
If you come to my light we are both blessed.
If you choose another candle I wish you well.
A candle doesn’t sulk, it just is.

© Philip Bradbury 2014


posted by Aishah Macgill

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