Bite for a Byte by Lawrence Lyons


Bit for a Byte

They look for patterns of life like tea leaves in a cup, spying upon us then to imagine what is up and what is not.

They fail to comprehend what trust is, the glue that binds one to another never to give up.

To watch over but not to constantly look at. It is no wonder why the loss of our privacy, their actions and our reactions are beginning to add to their bad luck.

Like a bullying child with a magnifying glass that spies upon the ants, they burn us with their gaze each and every one of us.

What is personal they steal like a thief in the night, upon the pretense the only right in their so call war on terror is their electronic might.

What is wise what is morally right is a bite for a byte, as we become the fire ants in their pants to make them move and watch them dance.

So what is personal should only be spoken quietly during this our long dark surveillance night or hand written write, so as to be hidden from their electronic sight.

Because what is personal, is our God given Right!

© Lawrence Lyons 2013

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