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Juliet M Sampson

Juliet talks about her experience in getting a publishing contract.

Getting published is not an easy process, as I am sure many of you already know! After writing my manuscript, which took me about one year, I got a few trusted people to read it, as I needed a fresh perspective. Sometimes it is a good idea to take a step back from your manuscript for a while. This process was beneficial as I got feedback from others and was able to incorporate their suggestions.

Once I had done this, I sent my manuscript into Writers Victoria, of which I am a member, for assessment. It is important to find out if your manuscript has market potential and how the writing can be further improved. I think most states have a writer’s association and I highly recommend all writers join one. The assessment took about six to eight weeks. When my manuscript was returned, I made the necessary corrections and implemented all the advice given to improve the work. When I felt my work was polished, I started researching publishers.

It is important to research the publisher before sending in your manuscript. Take the time to view their websites to ascertain what genres they are interested in. When I found some suitable publishers, I:-

• wrote a cover letter

• a curriculum vitae

• and undertook the other requirements needed for submitting my manuscript as per their instructions

I sent the manuscript to them. Then, it was really a waiting game. At this stage, I suggest moving onto your next novel.

After sometime I heard from one of the publishers and was told the exciting news! My work was edited and then I signed a contract. The next step involved me submitting a design brief for the front cover. One month before my book was launched, I received a copy in the post.

Once the book is published, the journey does not stop there. As a writer one needs to promote oneself and the book continually. A writer must never give up. Getting published is a long process but a worthwhile one.

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