Geena Leigh


When asked why she wrote Call Me Sasha, Geena’s response was:

“I’ve overcome many challenges in life and realised that my story could possibly inspire and be a resource for others. I’ve experienced some unfair things and made many not-great decisions – yet I turned it all around to find; the love of my life, happiness and to have a career that I enjoy and am proud of.

I thought that someone will read the book and say to themselves: ‘If she got through all that – then I can get through this!’ At the very least, I knew I had a story that would entertain.”

Geena possesses a ‘Bachelor of Business’ (International Business and Marketing Double Major) and a ‘Bachelor of Creative Industries’ (Media and Communications) from QUT (Queensland University of Technology). She is currently undergoing a ‘Master of Arts in Creative Writing’ at UTS (University of Technology Sydney).

When Geena wrote Call Me Sasha she unearthed a love of writing. She is an advocate for empowering young women to make better life decisions and lives in Sydney, Australia with her girlfriend, Gene, and their two puppies.

Geena Leigh’s book:

Call Me Sasha: Secret Confessions of an Australian Callgirl Buy This Book


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