Australian Writers Rock!

My primary mission is to highlight the works of Australian writers. We especially love our indie authors and, of course, more well known published authors.

All our listings are free. If you would like to be a featured author, there is an affordable fee. Please contact me for details of what’s on offer. When you are featured, you will also be promoted on facebook, twitter and mailouts.

My desire is to promote Australian writers all over the world via the internet. Please use the contact page to let me know your thoughts and ideas and look on theĀ events page to see what we are up to.

To have your book listed for free, email – listmybook@australianwritersrock.com

please include in one email with List My Book in the subject bar:

  1. book cover image
  2. book blurb
  3. buy link
  4. your website
  5. author bio
  6. author image

To publish a book review, email – review@australianwritersrock.com

To submit an article to the blog, email – blog@australianwritersrock.com

To submit a poem email, poetry@australianwritersrock.com

Please allow up to 3 weeks to be able to see your listing or contribution.

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